Install Druid on Ubuntu 20.04

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Apache Druid is a streaming service that I am looking to play with in a home lab. In order to use my homelab I run this locally in the foreground to allow me to check each component - I know that I could just as easily do this in k8s but I like to turn components on and off as required - which I know that I could do in k8s.

This procedure assumes a working install of Ubuntu 20.04 with Java 8 and Zookeeper installed.

To install and run Druid execute the following commands:

wget wget
tar xfvz apache-druid-0.22.1-bin.tar.gz
ln -s apache-druid-0.22.1 druid
cd druid

Edit the file config/supervise/single-server/small.conf and comment out the following lines:

:verify bin/verify-default-ports
#!p10 zk bin/run-zk conf

Both of these assume that we are not running a shared zookeeper instance. To start the server run the following command:


To open the druid console open a browser to http://localhost:8888/

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