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I am mucking around a bit with a homelab and thought I would look into Tanzu and Kubeapps. To start, I created an absolutely vanilla Ubuntu 20.04 Server instance with 8Gb of Memory and 30Gb of disk. In then installed some pre-requisite software:

  1. Tanzu or K3S
  2. Helm

To install kubeapps run the following commands:

helm repo add bitnami
kubectl create namespace kubeapps
helm install kubeapps --namespace kubeapps bitnami/kubeapps --set useHelm3=true

To create a service account, run the following commands:

kubectl create serviceaccount kubeapps-operator
kubectl create clusterrolebinding kubeapps-operator --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=default:kubeapps-operator

Then to expose the service so that you can access it:

kubectl port-forward --namespace kubeapps service/kubeapps --address 8080:80

Then to expose the token for authentication:

kubectl get secret $(kubectl get serviceaccount kubeapps-operator -o jsonpath='{range .secrets[*]}{.name}{"\n"}{end}' | grep kubeapps-operator-token) -o jsonpath='{.data.token}' -o go-template='{{.data.token | base64decode}}' && echo

Then open a browser and navigate to http://tanzu_server:8080 and it will prompt you for a token, enter the token that was created earlier. You should see a page similiar to the following:

Kubeapps Home

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